Certified translations

Whether you are working on your NZ visa application or need a certified translation of an official document for another reason, get in touch with Tomlex Translation. Esther is a full member of the NZSTI in both language directions , which means that our certified translations are accepted by most government and educational institutions in New Zealand, the Netherlands and Belgium. Esther has been providing fast, accurate and competitively priced English and Dutch certified translation services since arriving in New Zealand in 2014.

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Tomlex can issue certified translations of:

• police / criminal record certificates
• birth certificates
• death certificates
• marriage certificates
• divorce certificates
• diplomas and qualifications
• academic transcripts
• any other official document that you might need translated, for example to prove your address, income or relationship. These are often done as selective translations to keep your costs down.

If your type of document is not listed above, please get in touch to discuss your options.

Regular Service (3 business days) or Express Service (24 hours) available & usually everything can be done via email. Use the contact form and Esther will be in touch shortly.

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